Working That Face Frame

Working That Face Frame

Face frame, money piece, face pop or hair contouring this colour technique goes by many names and comes in many different shapes & colours. This trend has finally made its return from the 90’s. Remember our beloved Geri Halliwell Spice Girl and Jennifer Aniston with their envy worthy hair. Now fast forward to 2021, this hair trend has been recreated and reformed with more celebrities rocking it such as Beyoncé, Gisele, Kylie Jenner & more. Level up your colour by adding a more expensive look, they don’t call it a “money piece” for no reason. We see why this has become 2020’s biggest colour trend. 

What is a face frame you ask?

A Face frame is a highlighting technique adding a pop of lightness & dimension leaving a contouring effect. Adding that lighter pop around the face can make you feel lighter and open up your colour around the face. This technique is customised & personalised to each client. From mimicking natural sun kissed highlights to a more dramatic pop, this trend is so versatile for anyone or any age. We just need to figure out what face frame are you?

First timer face frame?

Face framing can be confusing to which one will suit you best as they can come in so many different shades and sizes. For first timers we always recommend to dip your toes in first. What you see in pictures and what it looks like on you can be so different. We advise deepening out the root to soften the brightness directly on the face. First timers can sometimes feel “too bright” or “too light” when first getting a face frame. It’s the first thing your eyes are attracted to with being so close to your hairline & face. If you are loving the lightness then next visit let’s level it up. 

Any “change of mind” after your service will be charged to change if you feel the face frame you have chosen for yourself isn’t for you. To make sure we are on the same page and to explain a little more we have listed and pictured what different face frames could be for you 

What face frame are you?

Sun kissed face frame highlights

This face frame is perfect for that natural babe who just want a “dust” of highlights to mimic that natural sun kissed look.

A more soft and natural effect. 

Dimensional blonde with bright face framing highlights

This is for the babes that want some more contrast and pop. Having a soft mix of lowlighting & highlighting leaving that bright pop around the face to complement that look. 

Level up a Blondes face frame

Already blonde? Not blonde enough? This technique is great for the girls who are already blonde but wanting to add that little extra something. Adding a face pop around the hairline a level lighter can really change your colour up leaving you feeling lighter without damaging the rest you hair. 

Level up a brunette face frame

We all know brunettes can get a little bored. This is great for several reasons:

1: for those babes who have never gone lighter and might be a bit scared. This technique is a great way to have a “feel how it looks” on your skin but still keeping your old faithful colour throughout. 

2: for those babes who just want to brighten up there brunette customising the shades and tones to have as much or as less contrast as the client wants. 

Coppers & Reds must have

Bringing back Geri Halliwell Spice Girl, this is great way to customise any red or copper colours. Adding a pop of red or bright blonde to a soft peach blonde, anything goes with this one. 

SL#T Strands

Inspired from the 90’s and early 2000’s trend, that classic blonde “streak” in the front. We couldn’t be any happier that it’s back. Going from a cute lick or to a dramatic panel at the front. This trend is not for the first timers, this is for the risk takers. This high contrast colour technique is definitely a statement piece. 

Fashion Pops

Last but not least, face frames can also be customised by using a bright or pastel colour. You can have a lot of fun by changing your whole colour up with a cute temporary colour. Again, this can be as dramatic or soft as You like.