Meet the Team

HEY YA’LL!! for all of you that don’t already know me, my name is Mikelah-Jayde 

I am the proud owner and creative director of The Mikelah-Jayde Studio.

There is no time like now to introduce and talk more to you about my team.

Each and every member of my team create MJS, they are what makes MJS. From the legs, to the arms to the back bone and the neck we wouldn’t be standing without one another.

I am so proud of where we are today, time flies and working can be fun when you work with your friends.

It makes me emotional expressing my love and gratitude I have for this team, what a wild ride it has been. I can’t help but reflect and look back to get excited about looking forward, bring on what the future has installed for MJS. Stay tuned, incoming of beautiful people.

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This is Mikelah-Jayde✨

Owner/Creative Director • Head Stylist

AHIA hot shot winner 2023
Creative colourist of the year AHFA finalist 2022
Wa hairdresser of the year AHFA finalist 2022
AHFA fame team finalist 2022
AHIA hot shot finalist 2022
joico 2021 guest artist

2007 Mikelah started on her path to become a hairdresser. Creative, vibrant, outgoing, colourful. She lives and breathes everything to do with hair, she was born for this.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Mikelah, you would know she leaves an imprint on you. Whether you’ve worked with her or have had your hair done by her, you would know there is no one quite as exuberant as her.

In 2017 she set out to open her own salon, recruiting Holly, Chloe and of course Princess Debbie. Opening the doors with not a clue of what was to come. Here we are today, and what a ride it has been. Can’t say it was luck, they have all worked hard to be here but no one has worked harder than Mikelah.

Mikelah isn’t just a boss, she’s a friend. A friend to all of her beloved clients and her staff alike. Her team always look up to her and appreciate her strong work ethic and unreal hairdressing skills. She believes strongly in always improving skills and constantly learning.

Mikelah’s talent has not gone un noticed and in 2020 Sabre Corp invited Mikelah to join them as a Joico Guest Artist. To top it all off she also became a Finalist for WA/NT Hairdresser of The Year in the Australian Hair Fashion Awards 2020. She just loves the thrill, creativity and energy of competition photo shoots.

The creative jargon that spills out of her is astonishing to say the least, she can’t bloody spell but boy oh boy can she colour and cut hair!! Hairdressing isn’t just a job for her, it’s her passion and this salon is her baby. She thrives with creative colouring, pastels, vivid colours, blondes, brunettes balayage, lived in blondes. YOU NAME IT, SHE NAILS IT. She gets excited about colour and is a pure perfectionist.

When Mikelah is not eating, breathing and living hair she enjoys a good bottle of red and fun nights out with friends. Most of all, she loves spending time with her husband, son and two dogs. Surprisingly for a girl that loves her job so much, she is actually highly allergic to colour. That still can’t keep her down!

With all of the achievements she’s had in her career she just seems to go from strength to strength. This is only the beginning for her, and MJS.

AHFA Hairdersser of the year WA/NT 2022 finalist
AHFA Hairdersser of the year WA/NT 2021 finalist
AHFA Hairdersser of the year WA/NT 2020 finalist

Robbie and Mikelah started their hairdressing path together in 2007, but long before that they have been the best friends since year 5 at school.

He’s a real Gypsy, leaving to travel around Australia in his early 20’s for 6 years before settling in Melbourne for 2 years. In and out of hairdressing and hospitality Robbie eventually made his way back to WA, floating his way back into Mikelah’s life and into MJS.

What a man he is. Loves a beer, loves K pop music, loves a laugh and always up for a good time. There is a certain laugh of Robbie’s that when we hear it in the salon, we know his client has been won over by his charm. And what a laugh it is!

Robbie is a chameleon, he can change and adapt to new trends like no other. He only needs to see a new colouring technique once, applies, adapts and thrives. His passion is colouring, lives for bright vivid colours and lived in blondes.

Robbie’s positive energy radiates from him, his smile, his laugh, he lights up any room, he’s such a beautiful presence to be around. MJS feel so lucky to have him in the salon. Let’s be real, we all love a bit of eye candy don’t we!!  If you’re having a bad day, do yourself a favour and book yourself in with Robbie. He will lift you up and leave you smiling ear to ear, because that’s just the kinda guy he is.  Our Robbie.

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This is Robbie✨


Te profile picture copy

This is Te✨

SENIOR Stylist

2018, the year MJS was blessed with our little T. Quiet, cute, pretty and driven- the perfect little package! From the first interview Mikelah and Holly both agreed that the name Taneesia was far too long to yell over the salon, (practising yelling it of course) they settled on Te.

Being blessed with some of the best apprentices, and Te is definitely one of the best.  We have never known anyone to say yes as much as this girl, nothing’s ever a bother. She has been thrown into the deep end numerous times and came out swimming. It wasn’t long before she wasn’t quiet little Te anymore, she well and truly come out of her shell. And out of that shell came a hairdressing superstar.

She absolutely loves hair styling, loves playing with hair, creating new things and has developed a calling for men’s cuts. Anything from skin fades to a full re-style, she loves it.  Te is one of our resident weave specialists “I love giving girls confidence and hella hair” -Te,2021

You’ll quite often hear Te speak her own jargon, ‘let me just take this bad boy from you’

Bad boy = towel

‘Are you sure you don’t want this bahddie?’

Bahddie = biscuit, cup of tea/coffee, magazine. Bahddie can be multiple things.

Te loves fashion and making a statement. She is our little party girl with a love for clubbing and collecting pub artifacts. You will always hear her telling one of her stories to her clients. And don’t they love hearing all about it.

Leaving the rest of the team feeling old and definitely not cool. Her energy is electric, she is confident, stunning and most importantly she is kind. We feel so lucky that she came into MJS, and looking forward to seeing her grow into the beautiful young women and the amazing hair dresser she’s on the path to be.

Keep an eye on this one!

Hannah is our little sweet but sassy angel, and one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. She is always well put together, dressed to impress and not a hair out of place she takes such pride on how she presents herself. This pride and perfection also shows in the hair she creates. Hannah  enjoys everything from fashion,interior design to trying new foods and restaurants on her weekends.

Starting on her hairdressing path when she was 14 as a weekend helper, she knew this was the career for her. Joining the MJS team in 2018 she became MJS’s Saturday basin assistant and finally getting signed up in 2020. What a determined and strong-willed girl she is.

Hannah loves lived in blondes, short hairstyles and just making her clients feel beautiful. We have watched her grow & spread her wings. We couldn’t be any prouder of hannah. She continues to amaze us as we watch her become an amazing talented stylist.


This is Hannah✨

Senior Stylist

Ruby profile picture

This is Ruby✨

Senior Stylist

Where do we start with Ruby? When she’s not being creative at the studio she’s definitely making up for it at home.  Ruby loves DIY projects, from flipping rustic furniture to home Reno’s, she’s a hands on type of gal. A musician at heart, she can sing & play 6 instruments. Ruby has a little family that consists of two cats (one sweet gentleman & one ginger menace) and a girlfriend who was born and bred in LA California.  Starting her hairdressing journey in 2019. Ruby thrives on the confidence she is able to give her clients. Making a difference in the way they see themselves and having the opportunity to be a part of that is so important and rewarding. Ruby’s niche is anything vibrant & out of the box. From bright colours to shaggy wullf cuts. Ruby is passionate about transformations. The hairdresser you can come to with any crazy (out of your comfort zone) ideas and shell do her best to tailor that to your individuality and create with you. 

Joining our team in 2022 Alivia is our ray of sunshine, Always smiling. You’ll catch her having some laughs & banter with the clients & team. Alivia is an absolute beach babe who loves getting dress up and going out ! Wether it’s a night out or a cute Sunday bunch she’s always up for a good time & adventure. Always playing sports and competing in netball for 13 years she had moved on from her passion for netball and driven it into a passion of fashion and hair. Alivia is always up for learning new skills & tricks as she continues to grow as a stylist. She loved how hairdressing is always changing and evolving and how creative it can be. Her heart is in styling & transforming her clients and bringing their ideas to life. 

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This is Alivia✨

Emerging Stylist

Elixir profile picture

This Is Elixir✨

Emerging Stylist

Joining our team in 2023 Elixir (Lix) is an absolute joy in the Studio and to be around. Lix loves hanging out with her friends on the weekend, she’s a little social butterfly and thrives being around people having a chat & a laugh. Always fascinated with the beauty industry, Lix completed 3 different beauty courses before she found her passion for hair. She’s a bouncy Blowdry queen & loves everything styling. Lix continues to grow and takes on anything that comes her way, always wanting to learn. You’ll see her with her to die for natural curly locks and she hopes to use her own experience & knowledge and specialise in everything curls & texture. 

Becoming a part of the MJS family in early 2022. Charli is our fun loving hype girl. Always making her peers & clients feel good. You’ll catch her dancing & singing her way though the salon vibing the the music. Charli loves having banter & chats with our clients & hearing peoples journeys & stories they have to tell. “ I thrive of being around the creative space at MJS” she says. Charli also has a hidden talent of being a cheer flyer and went to worlds in America for cheerleading in 2018. What a weapon. Charli always has a smile on her face and a can do, will do attitude. Our little social butterfly. 


This is Charli✨

Emerging Stylist

Lilly profile

This is Lily✨

Salon Assistant

Our little  Lily joining the team in 2021. She has definitely fitted in well to the MJS vibe. With her stylish outfits, polished hair and her personality shining through. Lily found her passion for fashion when she started dancing at 5 years old and still continues on to this day.

Always wanting to be in the beauty industry  and striving for something creative she found her way here to MJS. And how lucky are we? She compliments the MJS team with her strong work ethic and enthusiasm to learn. Her laugh is so infectious As we hear her giggling in the back with her team. Lily enjoys all things makeup, hairstyling, lashes & all beauty, whether she is experimenting on her own hair & makeup or learning new facts & techniques. Finishing her makeup degree in 2023 Lilly is now a full styling package doing makeup & hair styling on weekends in-between working at MJS.

Princess Debbie

Front of house, Queen fluffer, the friendly voice on the phone, receptionist, salon coordinator, Mum.

Being Mikelah’s mum, she has this business in her heart every second of every day. She is the glue that binds our team together, it would be a real shit show if they didn’t have their Debbie sorting them all out on the daily.

No one looks out for you like your mum, and this is so true about Debbie and Mikelah. She is Mikelah’s number one fan. You can often see the twinkle in her eye when she’s looking in Mikelah’s direction, she’s just so proud of her girl.

As much as she loves being at work (lol) she loves going home to be the resident Mixologist and International singing sensation (what can’t she do!). She often needs a stiff drink after wrangling the MJS team all day. She’s the one who will ALWAYS try and squeeze you in, ALWAYS offer you a mimosa and ALWAYS up for a giggle.

Can’t imagine where MJS would be without her, she’s the eyes and ears in the salon whilst the team is busy, which allows them to really focus on clients & creating amazing hair. She even redirects the phone when she’s not in salon and answers the phone when she’s at home! What a woman!! She is the shoulders that balances the MJS team and holds their head high as they navigate their way through this salon journey. The team couldn’t do what she does, and most certainly couldn’t do all they do without her.

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This is Debbie✨

Salon Co-Ordinator